tak dining room table made of solid wood in moka oak

New wood type moka oak

The elegant appearance of dark woods always makes an impression. But apart from walnut, there are hardly any trees in Europe that have this quality. With moka oak, we have managed for the first time to change the colour of the wood in a natural way. In order to achieve an even, dark colouring of this new wood type, we have collaborated with the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna to develop an entirely new process, in which the solid wood retains its open pores, so surface repairs are still possible. At the same time, the we retain the positive features of the wood, as is true with all types of TEAM 7 solid wood: the wood is breathable and regulates humidity, has an anti-bacterial and antistatic function, and an easy-care surface. A unique innovation. The new type of wood is available for cubus pure in the living and dining area, for the coffee tables lux and lift as well as for our tak table with a metal leg frame.

magnum extendable table made of wood with ceramic surface and cubus pure occasional furniture

New among the TEAM 7 materials: ceramic.

Scratch- and heat-resistant, resistant to liquids, easy to clean, and at the same time 100% natural: our ceramic material is all of these and, with its soft colour gradations, it harmonises wonderfully with the natural wooden surfaces of our furniture. The mineral surface is also antibacterial and optimally suited for coming into contact with foods. For our filigno kitchen and occasional furniture as well as the magnum table, we process this natural product with a minimum thickness of 3 mm and in the colours of iron moss, basalt black, cement and phedra.

float solid wood bed with headboard in leather

Natural leather added to our selection of leathers.

Our natural, pure aniline leather is tanned without chrome. Its pleasantly warm surface feel is due to the open pore, untouched natural surface. Natural leather owes its unmistakable charm and individual character to a beautiful patina which emerges from daily use. Visible natural features, such as scars or neck wrinkles, highlight the natural qualities of the material. Our natural leather is available for all beds, riletto occasional furniture, our aye and lui chairs, as well as for our sol solo piece in the colours of tartufo, umbra, brandy, brown, and black.

sol desk made of solid wood with aye chair

sol und aye in natural leather

If sol has already sugared the pill for the hours spent in the Home Office with its award-winning
design to date, it has now become a real charmer in its new version with natural leather –
as has the aye chair. The open-pore, natural, and untreated surface of our new leather makes a great impression with its pleasantly soft texture and naturalness, which is in perfect harmony with the oiled surfaces of our solid wood.

cubus pure designer wall unit in moka oak

trend colour mauve

As a trend colour for 2017, our interior designers recommend mauve. Derived from the French name of wild mallow, this pale purple tone fascinates due to its striking, yet understated look. Mauve can be excellently combined with strong tones and provides an outstanding match for our new mocha oak wood.


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